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Intervju Fighting Shit


Èitajuæi Last Breath #1 naiðem na text o Islandskoj sceni. I tamo se kao predstavnici hc scene pominju I Adapt i Fightin Shit. Nakon skidanja i preslušavanja par mp3ca sa neta ovi drugi mi se uèiniše zanimljivijim pa je odluka o intervjuu pala ubrzo. Razgovor mi je bio jako interesantan obzirom da o Islandu malo toga znam, a dalek je i izolovan. Zato sam ih pitao i par stvari o životu na Islandu, njihovoj omladini, kako provode dane... U susret su mi izašli Oli-bubnjar i xKollix-vokal i moram priznati bilo je pravo zadovoljstvo dopisivati se sa njima. Intervju nažalost nije preveden. Nenad

HC:First, tell me what Fighting shit is all about? What's the philosophy of FS?
xKollix: I don´t know if you can call it a philosophy but I think it´s basically a way for us to vent our feelings, good or bad.  When we started this band the idea was to make something provocative because we felt the scene here needed something that forced people to pay attention and from that we made this band into some sort of a funnel for our frustration and anger.  Not to say that we´re really negative people but the atmosphere surrounding the band tends to lean on the pessimistic aspects of society and we feel that there´s nothing wrong with that, it actually fuels us to keep doing what we are doing now.
That´s what a band should be, it should be a cycle; every note or word you write should make you want to better yourself so that´s what we´re trying to do.

HC:Your first (full lenght) release was DIY. Are you chained to DIY ethics or...? Do you think it's the best sollution or you had not choice?
Óli: We're definitely into DIY ethics, instead of waiting for some label to "find" you and give you a record contract, just do things yourself. As for Tuned For Thrash (our first release) we didnt even think of finding a label. We just said "hey! lets put out a record!"
and so we did!

xKollix: DIY ethics is something we believe in, whether it´s in your punk band or your day to day life.  At the time we really didn´t have a choice but it wasn´t something we really thought about, either.  DIY can be the best solution in some cases but not always, it has its
downsides like the opposite so you just kind of have to evaluate what you as a band are seeking at the time.

HC:Your second release is split with Dead After School.
Óli: Actually the split with DAS is our third release, we did a split with our friends in Brothers Majere in between there. There is definently progress between each release.
xKollix: Like I said before; every song you write should set a new standard for you as a band, you should always strife to make a better song, not the same one.  I think we´ve managed to maintain that idea in this band, the difference between our first and our last release is obvious, not only in the music itself but also in how we approach the songs and lyrics.  We´re trying to hone our sound and I think we´re doing great.

HC: Why 30 seconds long thrash core songs?
Óli: Cause its awesome! If you can finish everything you have to say in 30 seconds, why make it longer?! hahaha!
xKollix: Exactly.  Too many bands stuff their songs with riffs that are obviously there as fillers and it sounds bad.  Get in, do the job and get out!

HC: Some people comapred and described you as thrash version of His Hero is Gone. What other bands had influence to your work?
Óli: I dont know really, its hard to tell where you get your influence from..
xKollix: I can understand the reference with HHIG because we have an almost ominous sound and our songs sometimes are more intricate than they sound at first.  Like Óli said it´s hard to know where you get your influences from because they are so many, not just bands but people, movies and basically everything that surrounds you.

HC: I downloaded some of your songs but I was a little bit lazy and didn't read the lyrics. What they talk about? Good Riddance is against the band? And Fuck you?...(a little bit later)...Oh now I see you have songs about love, friendship, but women issue too...
The lyrics have changed a lot in these 2 and half years we´ve been writing songs.  The songs you speak of are our first stuff and back then I wrote straight forward lyrics that got to the point fast and swiftly, covering issues that perhaps stood closer to us than the ones that now occupy my pen.  I´ve been adopting a wider range of what affects my world and how so the main content of my lyrics now are of a very critical socio-political nature.  I introduced this theme on the split with Dead After School but it´s hard to maintain an ongoing propaganda on a split release because the band you´re sharing the cd
with doesn´t necessarily share your views on everything.  The theme is pretty strong on our upcoming full-length so I hope people will enjoy this evolution as much as I do.

HC:You have toured Europe. Is that how you met Dead After School from England?
i got to know Daz from Dead after school when i was booking our first tour, he helped me alot and we became friends. And it actually turned out that i booked them to play Iceland before we even went on our tour!

HC: Iceland is a small country. How often do you have a chance to play there and out of Iceland?
We play in iceland a lot even though its really only one city you can play in, the scene here is pretty active so there are gigs almost every week. Of course we dont play all of them but we play like ca every 2 or 3 weeks. Getting out of Iceland is a bit harder because we live on an island so we have to fly if we want to go somewhere else, which is a bit expensive. But thankfully the airline has this sponsorship thing we applied for, and we got it.. so we can get free flights twice a year when we want to go touring.


HC: I've heard that scene in your country is something pretty special, small but united. All bands play together, metal, punks, hardcore,... What't it's like?
Yeah its a bit like that.. If you are putting on a show and want alot of people to turn up you'd put all kinds of bands on the lineup to attract people from all bits of the scene. That way you also get kids to get into more kinds of music.. open their minds!
xKollix: We´d like to think that it creates that certain open-mindedness that is supposed to be one of hardcore´s commandment. I just think it basically makes the music scene more vibrant, young indie kids are going to punk shows and picking up influences they would never ever have if they would just keep to themselves in their own corner.

HC: Some of you played in "I adapt". What do they do now?
That would have been me.. They are just about to put out a new full length and are going on a UK tour this easter!
xKollix: Their new songs are seriously some of the best hardcore songs I´ve heard…this album should put a boot in some asses.

HC: Please give us some links for more info about Iceland scene, portals, webzines, stuff for download...
The internet home of the icelandic hardcore scene is www.dordingull.com but most of it is in icelandic so it would be pretty hard for you guys to work that out. Another place is
www.rokk.is, thats also in icelandic but you can download songs from most of the icelandic bands there. Also, for some good bands' websites you should check out www.iadapt.net, http://www.dordingull.com/momentum/, www.kimono.is and of course www.myspace.com/fightingshit ! i'm sure i'm forgetting someone awesome though.. oh well..

HC: Now I wanna talk to you about Iceland. Tell me something about your land. I know that you have around 300.000 people and it's land with contrasts. Cold winters and vulcanos!
It´s alright.  It´s not so different from other countries at all, the winters aren´t as harsh as people seem to think.  The isolation makes it a bit weird but with the internet you don´t really feel that anymore so yeah, like I said it´s pretty similar to everywhere else, has its pros and cons.  The only real difference is that we have a lot of unspoiled nature which other countries, such as the UK don´t really have anymore, but our bastard government is well on its way of eliminating that as well.

HC: What language is spoken and in what group of nations do Icelanders belong? Please don't get me wrong…
haha why on earth are you apologizing?  I wouldn´t expect anyone to know anything about Iceland because there´s basically nothing here (except I Adapt and Múm).  But yeah, we have our own language called Icelandic, it sounds similar to ancient Norwegian because of the isolation over the centuries there hasn´t been as much foreign influences as in other countries.  We can, for example, read scripts from the 1400´s with little help which is certainly something most people in other countries can´t do.  "Finndu hundinn e?a far?u til helvítis"….there, I just told you to find the dog or go to hell.

HC: What it's like to live in Iceland? What can youth do?
Well, there are a lot of stuff they could do but most of them just get drunk downtown and get into fights.  Most of Iceland´s youth is possessed with an uncontrollable minority complex so standing out in any way seems horrible to them.  This results in a really monotypic way of thinking which of course then results in actions of the same kind. Par for a few subcultures I would say that the youth´s pastime is extremely braindead but what do I know, I´m arrogant.
Óli: I tend to look at it in a bit more optimistic way than Kolli.. I think youth in iceland isnt really that much different than youth in other countries. Majority of youth everywhere is pretty braindead.. but it seems to me like people are starting to wake up.. Youth in iceland gets drunk alot. Downtown is usually swarmed with people at weekend nights, and even some weeknights too. But i dont look at it as loads of people going downtown and getting into fights, most people are just trying to have fun.. Fights is just something that happens when loads of drunk people are in the same place. Same as everywhere else, i'd think.

HC: In some interview Bjork said something like this: "When kids in Iceland are angry and pissed of they don't make punk bands. They get drunk and scream and then they sit down and write poetry." It was interesting to read. Your comment?
I´m guessing that Björk said this sometime in the 80´s in which this comment would be very true.  I, however, must put Björk´s knowledge of modern day Icelandic subculture in doubt because I know for a fact that even though this statement may still apply to a certain group there is a growing number of kids who are finding more
constructive ways to vent their anger.

HC: And now one question from psychology. Iceland is island far away from continent. Do you feel a little bit isolated? Theese situations can be very stressfull and depressive. I know that some people from Malta, Alaska,...feel something like this 'cause they are in same situations, small isolated communities.
Personally, it doesnt bother me at all... well.. it didn't, until i found myself a girlfriend who lives in England.. but apart from that, it doesnt bother me at all.
xKollix: The only difference I feel is that I´m positive that it has given us a different view on the surrounding world because we are kind of watching it from afar and most other people do not have that privilege.  We don´t recognize the difference because we´ve known it all our lives but I think it definitely wires our brains in a different way.

HC: There's this guy from Serbia. He has ska band "Samostalni Referenti" here in Belgrade. He was a coach of one of your local basketball temas in Rejkejvik I think (your capital, right?). Do you know him maybe? It's a small world you know :).
hahaha! no, but that's an awesome name for a band! What does it mean?!

HC: We are at the end of this interview. How did you liked it?
Awesome! we've never been interviewed by anyone so far away before!

HC: Before we finish usuall question is Future plans. So...
We just finished recording our new album! It will be out in time for our UK tour which starts in the middle of May It will be released both on CD (Cat N' Cakey Records) and 12" vinyl (Bay Area Thrash Records). Without a doubt the best stuff we've ever done, so check it out!

HC: Thanx for this interview, and keep on Fighting Shit!
well thank you!

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