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Intervju As Light Dies

Undergound band koji je vrlo tesko definisati! Gomila razlicitih uticaja u muzici ih odvaja od mora dosadnih i neoriginalnih bendova na underground sceni. Inace dolaze iz Madrida, iza sebe imaju tri demo snimka i trenutno rade na prvom albumu! Vise o bendu i novom materijalu mozete saznati kroz intervju koji sledi. /Monarch/

Hello you Avangarde Progressive Celtic Death-Doom Metal man from Avangarde Progressive Celtic Death-Doom Metal band :))))) How are you?
Fine. Now even we could add 5 or 6 labels more :D . And you?

Good, thanx for asking :) And of course we can add 5 or 6 labels more! Let’s do it… hm… We can add Experimental… right? Then, Ambiental, Melodic, Fantasy/Epic…. Please help me here :)
MARTIN : Maybe is very possible to add ambiental or black metal label. The function of the labels is just do give clues about what is the music style we play. In each song maybe we have different music styles.

Your 3 rd demo “ 3 Views of an End : A Trip to Nowhere” is sent to bunch of fanzines, ‘zines, labels all over the world, and stuff. What reactions, comments and reviews you get till now, and which one was most positive?
MARTIN : The reaction has been better that we expected in the ‘zines. All of them are agree that the style of music we play is very peculiar. And all are expecting what we will record in the future. But the record companies are a little exceptic for now.

You had a lot of live gigs, tell me, how fans accept As Light Dies live, on stage? I’m also interested, did you ever perform live “Before the Battle”, “Into the Unknown” and “Shades Starving for Life” ?
MARTIN : Well, we had some live gigs in Spain. We have taken part in very good shows, and we have taken part in others very bad ones that we prefer to forget. We only perform “Shades Starving” for Life when the shows beggings as an intro. Realize that now in As Light Dies there aren’t any keyboard player. The we can’t do that.

This short instrumentals, how was born, created, how you record that and how much time you need it for something like that?
MARTIN : This short instrumental songs are some ideas that borns while you’re playing the piano, or the keyboard. The arrangements come before. It doesn’t take me too much time because the complete idea takes the greater part of the shape in my mind before I play it the first time.

There’s a female vocals on “Into the Unknown”, who is that girl? And will you put more female vocals on your new songs?
MARTIN : I don’t really know!. It is a sampler of a soprano, but if some day I know her I would tell her that you have asked about her. We are trying to put some female vocals in concret parts of our songs. We will see it.

Oh thanks dude! You are a such a nice guy. But, if she is fat, don’t mentioned anything, hehe :)
MARTIN : Ok, but why if she is multimillionare?

Then you know what to do :) Ah look, you have a “Moonspell” poster :) Favourite “Moonspell” song?
MARTIN : If there was a poster of Moonspell in last our local I never realize it. :) The poster for shure has been posted by one of the members of the bands who shared the local with us. Favorite Moonspell song?. Midnight Ride, or Terrabruna.

Do you work on new material? Is there any chance for official album in some near future?
MARTIN : We have prepared new material for our new album. We are at the stage right now! Our new album will be named “A Step through the Reflection” and it will have seven songs and some ambient and instrumental intros. Near an hour of music. The new songs will be darker, and more evil than ever.

GREAT! Maybe it’s not a time for this question, but, tell me something more about new album. Did you change something important in your music?
MARTIN : As I told before our songs now have more influence about the extreme metal as death metal or black metal, it has more grunts, we have more atonal influence in our melodies, we are pretty much more progressive and we have some ambiental parts in our songs.

“As Light Dies” is one of very rare bands that I like but don’t have a guitar solos. Will you put guitar solos in the future? Martin, let me tell you, every song must to have a solo. 2 solos minimum in one song… hehe :D
MARTIN : That’s not true!. If you listen songs as Defeat & Revenge you will hear one in the middle of the song. Also in Sailing to another world you have one at the beginning of the song. It’s true that we don’t use to put guitar solos in our songs, but that is because the violin do the function of lead guitar, and because we only have one guitar in the band, If I start to play a solo in every song, the song would losse his rithmic power. And also is difficult to say what is the limit where a complex riff starts to be a guitar solo. Don’t you think?

Well, I agree with you. But find new guitar player and put guitar solos ! This is a urgent situation man! :)
: We aren’t playing heavy metal, then we haven’t got to put guitar solos in every song. First you must listen our new songs, then tell me if you think that they need solos.

What you think, to make one 10-minute song, which of course is build by one long/sick guitar solo with such speed, that will destroy Malmsteen’s mind if he hear it, and with such technique, that would put complex guys from Spiral Architect. Huh, what you think, how will sound something like that? Haha
: It would sound interesting I think. I love every kind of music if it is well composed. But the music that uses always the same resources it bores me.

When we already speaking of solos, on which I ,by the way, ejaculate (you didn’t hear that), do you have any favorite?

Maybe the solos from Mike Oldfield or Mark Knoffer. Joe Satriani has some beautiful solos too.

Did you heard for Nocturnus? They have mostly a 8741987987 solos in one song, haha
MARTIN : I didn’t. But thanks for tell me about it. I think that I won’t do it. :D

You told me that you have some side project, one Celtic and one Death project. Tell me something more about that.
MARTIN : The death metal project died because the other members had no interest to work. So I prefer not to loose the time. About the celtic project is going well. We are 10 persons. We have a lot of different instruments, and all of them are very good musicians. But we haven’t decided the name of the band yet!. Maybe we will name us “The Drwafts” or something. All the band will be illusioned that you have pay attention to the project.

Interesting. Do you have some done songs? And some plans about it, or you are 100% focused on As Light Dies, at the moment?
MARTIN : We actually have some songs, but in summer it has been no activity in this band because everybody is on vacation and I have been recording with As Light Dies. After summer we will continue with it, and we will see what we do. I don’t know what is going to happened because is very difficult to gather the entire band.

Rarely I use to be focused 100% with As Light Dies. I use to make new music and planning projects all the time for the future. I been working in a project of mine. Is some strange kind of music, very futuristic but at the same time with lot of influences of the doom metal. Soon I will start to create the website. The music will be completely free, and everybody would download it. 100% free music!!

Is there any important to say about “As Light Dies”, and I didn’t asked?
MARTIN : Keep an eye to our new recording “A step through the reflection”. We will try to edit it as soon as possible. When we have all the songs recorded we will put a pair in our website http://www.aslightdies.tk. Thanks for the interview an greetings for all the Serbians metalheads.

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