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Intervju Kukatz - Gruuthaagy

Prijatelji da ste znali samo u kakvom je stanju bio intervju kada sam ga dobio od Bojana. Da li mozete da zamislite ovaj razgovor BEZ RAZMAKA tj “/” znakom izmedju reci. Jako dugo sam ga sredjivao I nisam imao vremena da ga prevodim ali vi cete svakako razumeti o cemu se pricalo. Ima tu gresaka sa engleskim jezikom, u pravopisu, ja vas molim da mi oprostite jer mi sve igra pred ocima... Intervju je inace radjen iz daleke zemlje “Kengurije” a namenjen je bio I stranoj populaciji. Dakle upoznajte Kukatza “Crust manijaka” iz Hrvatske I njegov projekat Gruuthaagy.
Razgovarao Bojan Moljac

Dear Kukatz for the begining please would you do us an honour of introducing Yourself and all of yours noise babies!
Hello Moljac my bro. Well i am 33 years old Balkan Punk, missing more then few tooths and I fucking march through this underground gutter for most of my life! So I have had lot's of noise babes but now I am mostly
concentretad at this evil satanarchist entity known as GRUUTHAAGY. But it's not a baby anymore as GRUUTHAAGY lives for 14 years now. If necessary I myself will starve but my child GRUUTHAAGY will be healthy and strong. And we got Devil on our side, so nothing can stop as anymore!!! World is damned.

You hawe been active in the scene since (80something right?)can you explain haw did you get intangled into
this side of sub-culture caled Punk?

Just my natural surranding, I was outsider as long as i know for myself, and in mid 80's I was initiated to hardcore punk with that notorious "LJUBLJANA HARDCORE" comp. LP, get into zines, scene, and rest is the history.
Also, I don't see it as just sub-culture but more of counter-culture, for all my noise is trully sevage and subversive. I still live with my parents, do total slavework for living, dress quite normally, definitelly not politically correct by western "punk" standards, but it is d.i.y. underground where I do my evil work. Also I don't like todays punk very
much, it ended up as some hippie joke, like all those punk parasites who think they are gods of anarchy becouse they can afford not to work shitty jobs, fallowing all the "punk" laws as told, yet they pretend to bite the same hands that feeds 'em (the State it is). You can't live this way of life at here, unless you are filthy rich, and sometimes I feel that we are not part of the same scene anymore. But punk is still my real home, I just do it my own way - as it was supposed in it's beginning.

Explain the situation on the scene, then and today in your country,haw much did it changed (thogether with the country itself). Please feel free to go into politics of the region,and direct influnce it has over the folks!
What my country? I lived for most of my life in former Yugoslavia, now it's Croatia. And I fucking hate both. Bolshevics, natinalists, democrats – all the bloody same, with each new government we are falling deeper and
deeper into shit. As stupid war wasn't enough now the so called elite (politicians, priests, generals, big bosses, mafia) is drinking the last blood from us by this capitalistic farse and hypnotising people with their promisses of
better life in United Europe. They are the vampires and should be threated as such. Or better, we should rise the Old Beast, right from the bottoms, and take those fuckers back to hell. But sheep mentality is still spreading
like plague, and the punk scene is deep in it's underground ghetto. One good thing is that scene is not that separeted on strict PC clans as usual at other "more established" scenes. Of course - we are mostly against fascists, the ones who are doing all the dirty work for the elite, it's just that I would like to see more of our efforts in fighting the
real enemy. Eat the rich!!!

And naw lets start with noise you play in the Grruuthaagy,when did idea camme up and haw did rest of
the underground scene look up on it?

Early insiration was noise core scene of that time – 7 MON, SORE THROAT, ATTA, etc, and some classic industrial noise stuff. What I wanted is to do something realy uncompromising, extreme. For me, noise was always the most PUNK way of expression, a real sound of anarchy. You know - no rules whatsoever. GRUUTHAAGY started as total noise and with time become a little less noisy and more weird and obscure. That was the first decade, from 2002 GRUUTHAAGY has gone all digitally. So my sound is now much more diverse and I don't think that it's a pure noise thing anymore. There is grind, techno, ambient, black and who knows what shit going on when you listen my late stuff. Even some melody, hah ha. All in all – total audio blasphemy. Well, there was folks who liked and supported GRUUTHAAGY right from it's beginnings, here and worldwide, and I am always surprised when I discover that there are some to me unknown scenester who are into my early stuff. But all of them are very surprised by my new digital demos - so far realy good feedback, and as early stuff was mainly restricted on total noise freaks, now with change of sound I have much more people interested in GRUUTHAAGY. I mean people who didn't realy liked it before now are listening to it, too. At least some new demos, coz each new recording is a project of it's own and I realy like to keep it unpredictable. And it's still totally extreme and uncompromising, just in different way than before. I guess I put more imagination into it, and I definitelly don't care about todays trends, so that's what makes it so original, I think.

Grruuthaagy haw had meny changes in line up-please explin and say hello to all involved,meybe writte were
are all those guys naw?

Actually NO. Almost everything is done all by me. A one man project, it's just that sometimes I invite some people if they are sick enough. At an session from 2001. I got my friends playing with me, all from Pozega's punk/metal/hc/crust bands, and I oftenly use lot's of samples, some of them provided by Igor - the noise wizard behind KARMAKUMULATOR. Again, there's no rule - next demo may be a real raw black metal or gabber speedcore, or something totally experimental, or even pop. Be it recorded by me all alone or with someone else, there's always the same satanarchist agenda involved. But usually techno grind and black industrial is what
I do, and I can do it very well with my cheap dusty computer here in my living room.

I am blown away with each new realise you do-tell us haw much material you have under the carpet,and where do you get your ideas from?
Quite a lot of them, better check the list at www.gruuthaagy.tk , it may be a bit boring to write it all at here. My material is realised all around the underground globe, which I think is great, and I realy like trading and stuff. But my minimum wage can't always stand this extreme postage costs here, so having my stuff released by other friendly labels, is extremelly important for me to keep GRUUTHAAGY circulating. Well, I have already
said a lot about influences, let's write some band's names that i realy like to listen; UBR, AMEBIX, IMPALED NAZARENE, THROBBING GRISTLE, GISM, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, SWANS, VENOM, MOTORHEAD, RUDIMENTARY PENY, BLACK FLAG, THE STOOGES, DISCIPLINA KICME, IDOLI, DISORDER, NAPALM DEATH, SPK, KHANATE, THE LOCUST, ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, SKINNY PUPPY, DEAD CAN DANCE, VOIVOD, SCRAWL, BRUJERIA, DIE KREUZEN, SEPTIC DEATH, PARAF, TOZIBABE, etc...etc... as you see, mostly analog music, which I kinda transport into digital world, adding lot's of my
own crazyness which i realy don't know how to explaine. I guess I just fuck shit up.

In the proces of making,producing and playing all that noise what do you use-equipment,instruments,etc.
Cheap personal computer and some audio programs I got from friends, like fruity loops and wave lab for now. I am thinking about some other programs and equipment but it depends on what I can afford. It's still poor-ass music
like it was in early days when I used half broken tape recorders, home made instruments, and such. Is it punk or what?

Could you writte some of yours favorite "poetry"used in Grruuthaagy!?
"This is final caledioscope of our daily living, sonic centralization of hatred and despair made by this so called society, act of protest against dogmatic culture with an basic aim - to liberate your mind from fear" – sort of GRUUTHAAGY Manifesto back from 1992. But I rarely write real lyrics, usually I just write song titles that are asking from listener to think on his/her own. Just something strong to provoke the thoughts, oftenly very nihilistic and occult in satanic way. But there were some more (anti)political messages as well. Like one of the my last tracks that is called "Scavenger USA".

You have been featured inside no1 of Goropadnik zine,what have hapened since then?
Since than GRUUTHAAGY has become my main underground project where I put most of my free time and money lately. I quit singing for BEER SYSTEM (raw angry hardcore metal thrashing with sort of working
class/oi! attitude, at least when I was in) but they have new singer now. And I still sing in FIGHT BACK - with one female singer too. FB is anarchist hardcore band, thrash punk music, unfortunatelly not very much playing live
lately as all 5 of us have realy time consuming jobs and we are spread all around Croatia now. At least some releases are just coming out.

Kukatz,tell us about some other Cro bands which are raising the bar!Old and new!
PATARENI was great in old times, but they are playing some boring emo metal now and I not interested in them anymore. I liked ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE, G.U.Z., STRELNIKOFF, S.D.A., MASAKER, ZENEVSKI DEKRET, DISSIDENTS, TUTTO COLORI, THRASHAGAIN, S.O.R., VRISAK GENERACIJE, FEAR
OF DOG, POGIBIJA, SEXA, all that 80' Balkan hardcore and thrash bands. Than bands like NULA, VERBALNI DELIKT, RADIKALNA PROMJENA, all that anarcho punk movement in 90's was totally awesome to me. DESINENCE MORTIFICATION is still grinding as hell, and they have more great bands at Pula, like BOLESNO GRINJE, PASMATERS are playing again, etc... My comrades GIHT SHASIE from Split are making some of the wickest cybergrind ever. I am now working in Sibenik so I should name DISASTER too, dark metalish crust/grind. My old friends AK47 are definitelly the most active anarchocore band at here. SENATA FOX from Zagreb is
playing very good fastcore thrash. There are some newer crusty hc punk bands as CRASSO DE ODIO from Zadar,  PROTEST MOZGA from Labin, PANDEMIJA from Rijeka, etc as well. Unfortunatelly I am not much into dub, melodic, emo, new school, metal stuff but there is planty of that too. Also don't forget to check out some other killer crusty bands from my hometown Pozega, like DISLIKE, NEPRAVDA, STARVATION, ANTI TALENTS, etc... And LOS PRIMJER is good even if they mix very melodic hc with old fashioned metal,
coz they don't sound like all this overpriced american melodic bands and their copycats. There's lot's of bands here, I just named few of them, mostly friends.

Present some of the ind.labels,distros,zines etc, from your country which are figthting the fight!
Fistra's AK47 label is my fave, he puts lots of work in making his releases good and fairly distributed, yet keepnig it very underground and DIY. He is releasing mostly political stuff, from grind, over hc punk to melodic,
etc... If you want something more experimental Igor's CARPE DIEM! Records definitelly kills. I usually work with this two, but there's more cool labels at here, as DEMONKRACIJA, MESMERIZED, HUMANITA NOVA, etc...
Realy not bad.

You just recorded a couple new materials like split cd's and a couple demo tapes on your own,could you elaborate on this subject?
You mean my own label? Well I leave my old FECAL FORCES PROD. to rest, and started new label called CHAOS SOCIETY. So far I released GRUUTHAAGY "elektronika mizantropika" demo tape, "A Balance Of
Terror" international hc/grind/crust/pv comp. tape, GRUUTHAAGY "panonian witchcraft" CDr, and with
some other friendly labels I am just working on FIGHT BACK / PANDEMIJA / DEEP CUNT / NEPRAVDA 4 way split tape and new international crusty compilation CDr. Beside that Igor (CARPE DIEM!/KARMAKUMULATOR/GIHTSHASIE) and me are having NOIZE INKVIZITION REKORDZ, with
GRUUTHAAGY / GIHT SHASIE split tape as our first release.

I must ask;what is your life's philosophy,or legacy.Is there any particular belif3 sistem you folow,read,study?
Hmmmm, I don't trust not one ideology anymore. I have studied anarchism from my early youth, reading quite a lot of books and stuff, and lately it leaded me to anti authoritarian satanism as well. So I kinda mix those two,
coz in my eyes they are prety much the same. I know that many may disagree, but I don't care. The best school is the life itself, if you dare to think, of course. As you may see from my first few answers I am prety bitter at
things around me, but not becouse of some "philosophy", it's the life that made me such. But I usually don't go around preaching. Actually I hate it now. Only if I am talking to someone realy inteligent and open minded I like to
talk/discuss a lot. Especially if I drink a little, hah ha.

Haw does your love with tha noise affect your day today life?

It keeps me sane, othervise I will just blow everything right to hell, ha. Seriously, noise helps a lot to transform all my negativity and dark side into something creative. If someone gets offended by something that GRUUTHAAGY vomits on the world, maybe he/she deserves that. If someone is looking for safe, predictable, easy entertaining music - than listen to Britney Spears and such. And that's very important part of my life. Opening myself to not so "nice" things.

Couple years ago you start mixing semples and experiment with electronic sounds-what gives?Any
direct influnces?any particular reasons?

No direct influences, I am not cloning anyone. Why sholud I when I have enough ideas of my own. But I may do sort of tribute to some band or style, taking some their ideas into something I do, and result is oftenly quite
insane. It's sarcasm and dark humour that I also use a lot, so no one should take everything by GRUUTHAAGY too seroisly or you may end up going out and killing people on the street, hah. Also, I realy like electronic sounds
but I rarely hear electro music that I realy like, so I thought why not making it myself. Now it seems that some other people likes it, too. I will be lying if I say that I am not satisfied with that.

Once you finish with recording of new material, song ,who do you consult first-whose opinion do you take
as granted?

Tricky question. For instance I just finished two different demos – TERROR AGENDA and SUICIDE FREQUENCIES. First is sort of industrial grind with lots of guitar sounds and drum beats and second is totaly
abstract droning black ambient without any real instruments. So some may like the first and some may like more the second, it obviously dependes on their testes. Oftenly what one don't like may be very interesting to someone
other listening to it. It's was already a cause with my musick. I like to do different stuff, not limiting myself, so I guess it's best to judge it on my own. Not that I don't care about comments, of course, I may always learn something from it, but my own inner satisfaction with what I do is the most important I think.

There is a bitt of touring you recentlly did,where did you go and who did you play with?Tell us haw did thet
gig went and where is your next stop?

Well, it is not real touring, just some live appereance from time to time. I would like to do it more, but can't afford, I am not rich and this sort of music, well, you know... Last time it was at Igor's CARPE DIEM! Fest at Split, and it was pretty good, as I was in front of people who in biggest number realy didn't know what to expect. Some friends
have told me that audionce was shocked, but that's OK. I have had their attention and that's a lot for one guy alone on the stage.

Who tha fak is thet Igor noise/freak from Split?Do we love him or what?
We fucking adore him, heh he. He realy did a lot for GRUUTHAAGY so far. It's him who made GRUUTHAAGY web site - www.gruuthaagy.tk , and he is helping GRUUTHAAGY for very long time. We are sort of noise
collective, you may say. Even if we live in totally different parts of Croatia and don't see each others very oftenly we are constantly working on many wicked projects, all for the final world domination of pure demonic
NOIZE!!! And that's all you should know about Thee Conspiracy.

I hear that somme 5 way split cd is coming up,Igor(G/S.Karm)wrotte his part could you fill the blanks from your side?
Yeah, it should be second NOIZE INKVIZITION REKORDZ release - 5 OR MORE WAYS TO BECOME A SERIAL KILLER CDr. Here is all the info - Disc contains GIHT SHASIE [croatia], NAPALMED [czech], GRUUTHAAGY [croatia], PAN DEMLA [czech], ELECTROCUTIONERDZ [canada] and bonus track by
KARMAKUMULATOR from Croatia. At first it will released in Canada in 50 copies, cause ELECTROCUTIONERDZ are going to tour and they will use it for promotional purposes and sell it
on the shows [they are doing it for their own label SWIZCORP]. Later this summer it will be released for IGNITE prod from Singapore in edition of 100 copies and in september or before NOIZ INKVIZITION rcds + GOROPADNIK rcds will release 100 pieces for Croatia and Europe. The guy from ELECTROCUTIONERDZ did the cover design and it will be packaged in DVD case. What else can I say - a total fucking blast!!!! GRUUTHAAGY will be there with "Mental Masakr" demo - about 15 minutes of techno grind bestiality
with one sevage GIHT SHASIE cover/remix, too. Cheers to Cupi / GOROPADNIK rcds for joining this insane release.

After all those years of constantlly realising tapes,splits,etc could we finally expect a video of some sorth as well?(well when then damm it?)
Yeah, and again Igor has his fingers in it. It should be done by him and Oleg (ex NO COMMENT), I have good idea how it should look, but give as some time as there's no need to hurry, ok?

Next couple of lines use to present all of your band's(punk &HC too),projects,colebrations for which you sweeted thet blood of yours!
Let's start with mid / late 80's when I was working on CRNI HUMOR zine, first few issues of WARHEAD zine, UDARAC DRITO zine and tapes and tried to form few HC noise punk bands (there was some chaotic gigs by BRATSKA POMOC and BYE BYE BROZ but nothing recorded). Than came T.R.B.U.H., sarcastic tribal noise core with one drummer and 3 vocalists. Later we changed line up few times, had guitars and synths, and was sort of cult band here in Pozega. In middle of the war in Croatia I made SCHMUTZIG zine with some friends, and
at '92 beside GRUUTHAAGY I started FECAL FORCES ZEEN & PROD., plus ANTITUDE - anarcho punk band with fe/male vocals and mostly anti-war lyrics (yeah, during the actual war at here). Later came NONSENSE - sort of crusty grind noise punk trash band. Both bands had some reh. DIY demos and apperead at some international vinyl and tape compilations back than. After all those bands broke up came SENSELESS - hc/crust/grind band
which made quite a name in local and worldwide underground circles with lot's of demo, split, compilation tapes and split 7 '' with S.Z.I. from Slovenia. Yeah, not to forget that I have played in DISLIKE for many years.
It started as raw punk, evoluated to total crust violence, and now they are playing more grind/metal but without me. My next band is FIGHT BACK and it's the only hc/punk band that I am still in. Before some time I was also
singing in BEER SYSTEM. There was couple of more improvised noise-core projects as PNO, THE GRRROLLY
POP, HEQET, etc... FECAL FORCES PROD. released dozens of tapes and last FECAL FORCES ZEEN is issue # 10. I also made many art works for zines, t-shirts, patches, badges, covers, etc... Well, that will be it, in sort.

Tell me something personal about you no one else knows-it will stay just between as 4-500!ok?
Hah ha, can't came with anything. I was sort of hippy before I get into hc/punk which is funny if you know how much I don't like this hippy aspect of todays punk scene... So, now you can bullshit me next time i say -
never trust a hippy, he heh heh.

What do you have in the making for future shock attacks from the noise dark's?
In next few months there should be out GRUUTHAAGY / TOTE STADT split tape at RADIO OBSOLATE RECORDINGS (USA), GRUUTHAAGY / ANAL IS BANAL / FT3C / NECROPLASMIC GUTTERFLIES 4 way split tape at ROKUROTA MAKABE (Lithuania), GRUUTHAAGY / CONSCRIPT split tape at NOISE ATTACK (Phillipines), one full new demo at compilation by TAKUT SENSARA (Indonesia), new GRUUTHAAGY CDr at SMELL THE STENCH (Australia), also new CDr at PROGRESSIVE ATTACK (here
in Pozega, Croatia), etc... and I have some new programs to install so there's definitelly going to be a hell when I get my fingers on them.

Give me quickly your favorite diner recepie!And the perfect music for beckground mood!
Hah, what about chevapi? I am sure you know what it is ; ) . And DISCHARGE "why" in the background, that would be nice dinner.

Alcohol,drugs,scene,young punks-heroine,merrige,old punks;elaborate!(you have 2 minutes)
me - old punk, merriage - me not, alcohol - not like before, drugs - rarely, heroine - better not, scene - yes i guess, young punks - rule.

Where is a good place,city,beach,festival,squat,venue worth checking out in your country.(try to bee less objective then can,haha)
Sorry I am not much of tourist nor traveller, but you can get all at once if you can afford to see summer festivals at Croatia. I am happy if I see at least one of them even if I live in Croatia.

Present some good noise bands from all around ex Yu from 80's till naw,and where could we snach those from?
I remember some 80's noise core like early BLOODY GEORGE (Macedonia), EXTREME SMOKE (Slovenia), ZIVI ZIVOT ZIVOTOM ZIVIH (Bosnia), UDRI'N'RAZBI (Serbia), but there was never much of that around
here. Beside Slovenia - there is bunch on noise projects, they even have Noise Festival in Ljubljana. Hey, I remenber you were in that crazy noise core unit G.O.O. when you was living in Split!!!! Right now,
KARMAKUMULATOR rules the wasteland! And there is MAD SHEPARD in Osijek. The old noise demos from
old first mentioned bands seems to be lost, but I am trying to find some again.

Tell us about some other activities you have been involved in recentlly,only I do not know so couldnot speciffy any better!
I think I wrote it all, there is new FIGHT BACK / ANTI TALENTS split CDr at PROGRESSIVE ATTACK and SENSELESS (our last ever gig) / PRO MASA split CDr at MAMMA rcds, ok?

Whats wrong in tha world bro?Any way we could all do somethig to fix it,or even just try?
If we learn to be ourselves instead of someones brainwashed puppets that will be fucking enough.

Place some of yours liricks and photos,drawings here-I know you love expresionalism and cartoons,so use
those lines wise my old teacher-jedy in the noise universe far far away..(EU that is)

Seriously place anything I misst-forgot here..It was long interview and I hope worth of read. More GRUUTHAAGY at www.gruuthaagy.tk , and if anyone is interested you can contact me at kktz666@hotmail.com

Big thanks from me for your effort and the time spend with enlightening us,o Kukatz you mf of Croatian buka..
Thank you my bro,you rule my friends!!! Buka forever.    Rev. KKTZ
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