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Intervju - Fall of a season

Fall of a Season is a very young band, but if you listen to their music, especially the three songs they just recorded for the split with Brazil’s Confronto, called ‘Dedicated to the Fear…’, you’ll see that their powerful metal influenced sound has a great potential and will give them a well deserved spot amongst promising European hardcore bands.

Influenced by bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Reprisal and especially Caliban when starting their career, Fall of a Season has developed that sound into something more massive, aggressive and evil-fast showing that they are trying to lose dependence with those great bands.

Now, sounding more in the vein of magnificent U.S. acts such as Undying and the defunct, As Hope Dies, and old Heaven Shall Burn, the German combo is trying to discover their own style. Metal!

Who is there? Hi, this is Tim

Hallo Tim, how are you? Well after all I’m fine. Last night was a bit too long I guess but… wait… yeah I’m fine.

Something special happened last night? Oh no no... I just went to bed 5.30 AM which was maybe a bad idea cause I had to get up very early again.

Tell us, are you old enough to go through this interview? I think that’s no problem. My mom sits next to me the whole time. Hahaha… just kiddin’. Well I don’t think that we are that young at all. The average of us five is 21 years old and I guess it’s quite ordinary to get serious things started within a hardcore or metalband when you’re about twenty years old.

Ohhh my mistake, I thought you guys were like 16 or 17. What do I need to know about Fall of a Season? Five very dumb guys. A rehearsal room in a gas-company’s area. Size: about 11 square metres. Not married. Well I would say that when you’re interested in us as a band then it could be important to know that we combine elements like fast metal with evil blasting drum parts and angry screamo vocals. And the outcome is a metalcore band that is constantly trying to grow. We put out one record so far which is called “After the last breath…” released on Burning Season Records in May 2003. This was our first small step (it is a mcd) into the scene.

What do the lyrics deal with? And what about lifestyles addressed to the hardcore scene such as a meat-drug free life style, politics, religion etc. Our lyrics (especially the split-songs) deal with our lives and they reflect special situations. For example feeling numb and helpless in moments of frustration, sorrow or betrayal. Missing something or someone is also a big topic. I think one of the worst seconds in life is the one realizing a loss whether it is a material or an emotional one. Being caught on the  street of life means going through different hard and easy changes above all. And that’s why the lyrics deal with our own lives because here we get all the stuff to write about that we need. For me it doesn’t make much sense to write about things I can’t go through or feel by myself. Well some of us live the vegan-war-lifestyle and some of us do not but we don’t fight each other or sit together and discuss advantages or disadvantages of lifestyles. In my opinion every woman and every man should be able to decide how to live on her (his) own. The same in questions of politics or religion as far as I’m involved.

Can something material really weight as much as an emotional loss? I think this is a decision which depends on each others attitude towards the object or feeling or whatever the person has lost or is going to lose. But I didn’t mean to compare these both kinds and try to put them on a certain level and stuff at all. I just wanted to give two examples of what can get lost in life. On the one hand it’s absolutely natural for me to be a million times more disturbed when someone that is important to me leaves my life and all the active connections between us stop from one minute to the other or when love dies than instead of losing my keys or so. But on the other hand it could turn out to be somehow emotional to lose keys too although the keys are just a material thing. It depends… All of a sudden I just wanted to express that the new lyrics deal a lot more with real personal feelings than the old ones did which for me is somehow kind of a proof that we moved on in our development within the band.

On ‘After the Last Breath…’ you seem much influenced by bands like old Heaven Shall Burn and specially Caliban. Are those bands a source of inspiration for you? Well I just can speak for myself now and I never thought that we do sound like bands as Caliban at all. But many reviewers in deed compared us to them and so I started trying to get some connections to especially Caliban and the only ones I heard were heavy distorted guitars, double-bass parts and a screaming vocalist to be honest… but maybe I would think the same if I wasn’t involved in Fall Of A Season and had more distance to our music… who knows? So maybe I should be just very happy with these connections cause for us Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn are amazing bands!

If these bands didn’t influence you, which did? I think that we are influenced by many bands that we listen to even if you can’t recognize that by checking out our mcd. I could name obvious bands like Earth Crisis, Unearth, Undying but also The Agony Scene, Cult Of Luna or even Candiria. And of course you cannot say that we have never heard of Heaven Shall Burn or Caliban as they are two of the leading bands of the genre and we had the pleasure to play shows with them (HSB). But we try to grow and lose dependence to cause less comparisons in the reviews of the future.

You are about to release a split album with Confronto from Brazil. I heard the song Masks Will Fall and the evolution seems to go towards something more massive, powerful and evil. What differences do you see between the two releases? As we were in the process of writing the new tracks for the split (which are by the way not really new as they were written several months ago) it has been a difficult time especially for me. On some days I had huge problems going on with my ordinary course of life and was somehow shocked about the political as well as the social situation in Germany and the world. Don’t take it as a moaning but I also wasn’t satisfied with me and my surroundings and I think that all these influences created a more personal way of writing the songs and of course the lyrics. And this is what I would generally say: the split songs are a lot more personal. Musically we tried to make it more compact, give it a better structure and try to sound somehow more independent. Therefore we needed a lot of help from Ralf and Patrick in the studio to create a sound that would be a progress in comparison to “After the last Breath…” And I must say that these guys did a great job again! They helped us to find the perfect solutions in every question and we are very happy having recorded the tracks in the “Rape Of Harmonies Studios”. So for me “After the last Breath…” is a cherry and the split will be a strawberry. And maybe we’ll reach the size of a melon some day.

That came out great! But as you said, my distance to your band makes me see your new songs as more than a strawberry. Which are these political and social situations that bother you? At that time I had to go to university by train every day. The daily journey took me around thirty five minutes that meant a lot time to think about myself and the surroundings I was caught in. Sometimes I wondered how all the people in the train (me included) could accept this way of being somehow trapped in all these f***ing habits. Every day seemed to be a clone of the day before like in the movie with Bill Murray. I saw many faces and was shocked about the fact that most of them weren’t lucky at all. The whole scenario was painted with the same routine a machine reminds me of. Good luck for me I’m going by car now but I think the situations in the trains are still the same. The biggest problem I had with them was that I couldn’t see many emotions in people’s activities, which maybe is a result of the influence the media has taken over us. Apathetically we bear mostly everything they offer us without thinking about it. I didn’t want to talk about this example but now it is just fitting perfectly: How the hell are people able to produce psychoshit like “Faces Of Gore” and stuff? And how the other hell are people able to rent and watch it with a fat smile on a childlike face? This is sick and one social (or maybe political?!) situation that bothers and scares me to get back to your question. For me it’s a damn good way to reflect these things in lyrics to share opinions and somehow find people who think in the same way. Cause this ain’t “normal” anymore!

There are a lot of things that aren’t normal anymore, I agree with that. But at the same time there are a lot of people that think that we are NOT normal ‘cause we are into the life style we are in to. Have you experienced that? Apart from my mom who just hates metal music and begs for artists like Phil Collins or Norah Jones not at all. But in my opinion I am not the perfect example for that special life style you’re talking about anyway. I’m not straight edge. I can’t go vegan and I think even on the street nobody would guess that I am into a metal band. I just love writing songs, playing shows and getting in contact with the audience. Animating the kids (I hate this word!!!) and seeing them jumping around makes me happy!

How come you got these political ideas? Books, bands, people, movies, etc? Reading is not my favourite hobby to be honest (which is a bad habit for a guy who started to study). I guess it’s like “Once you pop you can’t stop!”. But I replaced pop with the word brood. This is one of my worst features and I totally hate it. My life has made me very broody and that really makes me nervous sometimes cause I am not that old at all. But I am not a boy who investigates books, movies or political speeches to “shape my soul” or stuff like that.

Well Tim… thank you so much for your time and I wish you good luck with your split album/FOAS and your studies? Last words please. Thank you a thousand times Cristian for doing the  interview! Feel free to drop us some lines or just check out our homepage…Take care!

Cristian Caraacara

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